1. have you had chance to experiment with similar programs? i just want to to
    edit Word docs on a tablet….thx

  2. Kingsoft office has word processor, spread sheet and powerpoint. Just press
    the top left hand corner button or create new doc button and you will be
    given options to create either word, spreadsheet or powerpoint, I have made
    presentation entirely on my tablet with kingsoft and played them as well.
    Awesome software!!!! Kingsoft is the best for android and also for windows.

  3. Why is it if i read some files from email n i choose kingsoft why is it
    that the letters are chinese characters anyone pls help

  4. I downloaded this app on my Asus tablet, when I opened my files, they are
    all gibberish. Do you know how to make my files readable? Thanks.

  5. Can you e-mail it as an attachment from the same app? And does Word have
    the word-wrap feature? (how for both questions).

  6. do you mean in the sense that if you plug in your android device to a
    projector to show the slides a audience? im not sure but if you are asking
    like a slide show mode after you finish the power point yes you press a
    button called “play” and you can scroll through and zoom on slides you have

  7. Hey there 🙂 I have one question about this app. Do you know if there is an
    easy way to scroll down the pages? I couldn’t find one! Say i have a
    document with 150 pages and i wish to write something on the last page –
    how do i get to it?

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