1. You need to be better organized. The entire first minute of the review could be reduced to one sentence.

  2. Try rehearsing before recording. This video seems like you are from an opposing company, tryin to destroy this product.

  3. i got the basic vertion of this app pre intalled in my phone and i can’t delete it, and because i don’t have a credit card i can’t buy the full vertion, can some one please tell me where can i found a crack code or something to get it?

  4. I’m having problem getting the spell-check option to work. Anyone that can help me with how I enable it?

  5. Thanks for posting the solution. Are you using the ASUS Transformer tablet as well? I just got a keyboard case for my nexus 7 and i have no typing lag at all.

  6. I have solved TYPING LAG. Simply change the keyboard option by holding your finger on the screen and choosing your own language instead of Asus keyboard

  7. I have the same problem. Typing barely works. When typing at a normal speed, the app doesn’t keep up, and ends up bastardizing my sentences with the autocorrect.

    I’ve had this problem with both the stock keyboard and swiftkey on my LG P999.

    I emailed the developer, and never heard back. That was weeks ago. Really wish I knew what was wrong.

  8. oops, i forgot to tell you why smart office doesnt really worth it against kingsoft for example… it looks really nice, and modern… but the font and bold etc options only come out when you double tap on the word or sentence, once again it doesnt work the SHIFT + arrows to select text (like kingsoft) or “end” or “start ” to go fast to one or another part of the sentence…
    Polaris office is just to basic, just text, the worse of them.

  9. ok, i ve been playing around with those i toldya… polaris office seems to be not compatible with non samsung devices.. even though i m able to open it and type and save stuff, i have a big sign/label in the center of the screen which says that is not the correct device or smth like that..
    The smart office 2 looks really nice, but once again, its not perfect… i have to say overall the office suite pro HD is the best… but i CANT understand how the hell the best one is the only one who has th

  10. I have kingsoft, it goes smoth as hell but the problem is that it isnt compatible with shortcuts with the keyboard or even the shortcut “end, start” (i dont know the exact terms in english, i have it in spanish… ) any way, i ve just downloaded polaris office and smart office, i ll tell you which of the 4 is the best ( polaris, smart, office suite or kingsoft)

  11. hey im getting this keyboard dock for my nexus 7 i will let you know if i have any similar problems
    hey try other applications like Kingsoft office it is free

  12. Do you know how to fix the terrible lag typing problem it has ?? i have a Transformer prime with the dock and while i am typing the third word, the screen shows only the first or smth like that… its really annoying and sometimes it even crashes and stops writing…

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