[APPLICATION] WiFi Hack 2013 [Unlock any wifi passkey]

[APPLICATION]  WiFi Hack 2013 [Unlock any wifi passkey]

Download wifi hack 2013. Use our WiFi Hack to hack wifi on PC/Laptop/Tablet ! The WiFi Hack 2013 will be updated from week to week. Enjoy WiFi Hack 2013 no s…
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  1. So here is my review about this ……..The WIFI hack looks very professional, had no error or bug, in the .zip you will find a .txt with more info and how to use it, I have tried to get the password of my neighbors, I managed to connect, but I want an update to change the password for wifi 😀 it will be cool ! hope this helps others ! Have a good day !

  2. this wifi hack is working, it’s true it has a survey, but you’ll find in a notepad why the admin has been put a survey !

  3. yes indeed there are surveys, I have completed one and gave me the download link, the coder said that he has implemented this survey shit because of the spam on the server…..and now only people with PC knowledge can download the hack, meaning a child doesn’t know how to complete a survey 😉 SMART GUY !

  4. I wanna thank you, I made the survey and the tool is working just fine, no password, no nothing, I just opened and added some stone:D, so people try make the survey and you will see that the hack really works !

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