AppValley & AppCake & Tweakbox Apps NOT Downloading anymore (REVOKED)


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AppValley & Tweakbox Status: the no.1 source for YOU to be notified when Tweakbox, AppValley & the other 3rd Party Tweaked Apps For iPhone & iPad stores are Signed & Revoked!

Want to get Tweaked Apps For iOS 13 or iOS 12 in 2020? AppValley & Tweakbox Status has you covered! I will inform you if any 3rd party Tweaked Apps For iPhone & iPad store is signed, so that you can download your Tweaked Apps like Spotify++, Instagram++ etc!

When Tweakbox, AppValley & the 3rd Party stores revoke, you will be notified first on AppValley & Tweakbox Status. I will provide to you videos covering why Tweakbox, AppValley & the 3rd party stores revoked, but also how to FIX revoked Tweaked Apps!

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  1. I woke up this morning and they are not working, I can’t even download any hacked app at all

  2. You got to listen to this man. I asked and complained to Tweakbox, they replied twice making idiotic and unsatisfying excuses. When I asked again. They blocked me!!! Tweakbox is only a group of dumbasses and bitches now. I want to post a screenshot of what I asked and what they replied, but I can’t do it on YouTube. Damn this!

  3. the apps keep telling me they need to be verified after one day and don't open, how do i fix this?

  4. App Valley and I think the other stores work again! I just redownloaded Spotify++ on app valley

  5. Does it works on 13.4.1 in india it is not showing latest appcake update page provide some solution .

  6. I knew it wouldn’t be long before apple started their isht!
    I’m so glad I dusted off my old laptop and got AppValley companion on my phone!! YT++ now works absolutely perfect and will never be revoked!

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