AppValley & Tweakbox Apps NOT Downloading – REVOKED! Tweakbox Signing Status


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Tweakbox signing status: the no1 channel to notify YOU when apps from tweakbox are not downloading, and also when tweakbox is signed! to stay notified when tweakbox revokes, which means tweakbox is not working, and apps won’t download or work, but also to be notified when tweakbox is SIGNED again, make sure you subscribe NOW & right the bell to be notified instantly!

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Tweakbox Signing UPDATE: AppValley & tweakbox apps not downloading! This means that the stores have revoked, meaning you cannot get your tweaked apps from appvalley or tweakbox! Yes thus sucks, however hopefully appvalley will be back up soon! To be notified when tweakbox and appvalley sign their apps, go subscribe!

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NOTE: This channel is NOT afiiliated with Tweakbox in ANY WAY! This channel is a fan account, dedicated to provide you with the latest updates with Tweakbox Revokes & tweakbox signing status. This channel is ran by Saunders Tech


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  1. Haha this is why I switched to Android so what ever cracked apps weren't meant for Android period so I don't care anymore

  2. “You’re more important than I am”. That’s not true. You’re equally as important as us viewers. Although it’s great to listen for feedback, it’s also critical that you be unique. You are your own person, and without your little quirks, you’d be like everyone else.

  3. how about that way you said in another video where we can get them using a computer. is that a thing yet

  4. AppValley isn’t revoked! It just let me install Spotify++. 🙂

    Edit: Nevermind, it says the unable thing..:(

  5. U don’t even talk that fast and there’s nothing wrong with the way u talk…

    Thanks for the videos though man 🙂

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