ARK How to Set Up An Electrical Grid & Devices


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  1. Hey nooblets. I know the game may not be as popular. I just found the game and am HOOKED. Your channel and its ancient tomb of knowledge really helped me enjoy the game. Thank you!

  2. Don't really understand why the snapping and building In this game is so stupid, like you try an connect a fridge to one outlet and you get a spiderweb of wires? Wtf

  3. This should totally be made into a labyrinth of layered metal walls so it’s nearly impossible to get to the layered walled generators and each dead end is a turret. Every tribe player you can trust can get through a bunch of ridiculously layered doors with a password so they can get into the base easily, or just 1 person can to turn it off and on and refuel.

  4. Love how calm you talk, I watched this other guy before this video and he was just screaming at me the whole time.

  5. This guy is the best at making mistakes in tutorial recordings, then makes it part of the tutorial as if what not to do🤔.. Also why destroy turrets? They can be picked up and replaced..

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