ARK: Survival Evolved – 100% Achievement Walkthrough – 1500 Gamerscore in 1 Hour w/ Admin Commands


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ARK: Survival Evolved – 100% Achievement Walkthrough – 1500 Gamerscore in 1 Hour using Admin Console Commands

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Console commands can be found below or here:

From the main menu:
Host/Local – Check “Adming Logging” and “Show Player Map Location” in General settings.
Choose map The Island, and start Single Player Game
Create any character

In game:
Turn off Motion Blur and Detail Graphics in settings. Save & Exit.
Pause the game. Press X + Y + LB + RB (at the same time) to open admin commands.

Starting cheats:

11 Explorer Note Achievements:

Artifacts: (Spawn and collect all 11)
admincheat summon artifactcrate_1_c
admincheat summon artifactcrate_2_c
admincheat summon artifactcrate_3_c
admincheat summon artifactcrate_4_c
admincheat summon artifactcrate_5_c
admincheat summon artifactcrate_6_c
admincheat summon artifactcrate_7_c
admincheat summon artifactcrate_8_c
admincheat summon artifactcrate_9_c
admincheat summon artifactcrate_10_c
admincheat summon artifactcrate_11_c

Survive a full day and night: (might have to do twice)
Cheat settimeofday 06:30:00

Level yourself to max:
addexperience 99999999 0 0
Press B, and attribute your stats to level to 105

Dinosaur Related: (Tame and Ride certain dinosaurs)
summon rex_character_bp_c
summon rex_character_bp_c
-Now walk up and ride the dinosaur
summon gigant_character_bp_c
-Now walk up and ride the dinosaur
summon ptero_character_bp_c
-Now walk up and ride the dinosaur
addexperience 99999999 0 0
-Press X, attribute stats to your ptero to make it reach level 75

Uncover 80% of the map (while riding the Ptero):
Slomo 40
– LB to switch to first person. Press back to bring up map progress. Fly back and forth to uncover the map.

Defeat the Ultimate life forms: (Allow each to move for 10 seconds)
summon spiderL_character_bp_c
killaoe dinos 2500
summon gorilla_character_bp_c
killaoe dinos 2500
summon dragon_character_bp_boss_c
killaoe dinos 2500

Tame 90 creatures using a 9 batch commands:
See this thread:

Reach lowest point:
cheat setplayerpos 0 340000 -49000

reach highest point:
cheat setplayerpos -97500 -51700 46000

Complete the game on 3 difficulties: (Reload each time)
playercommand AbAscend1
playercommand AbAscend2
playercommand AbAscend3

Cure Swamp Fever: (Create antidote, then infect yourself, and use it)
GFI CureLow 1 0 0
cheat summon Leech_Character_Diseased_C
-Once the enemy is attached, and you have the toxic symbol in the bottom left, press B to access inventory, and use the antidote using RT.

Survivor of The Center:
-After ascending a new area called “The Center” is selectable from the Host/Local menu, under Custom Arks. Choose it. Play Single Player. Create character.
Slomo 5

-Run to the terminal in front of you.
giveitem “Blueprint’/Game/PrimalEarth/CoreBlueprints/Items/Artifacts/PrimalItemArtifact_01.PrimalItemArtifact_01′” 1 0 0

giveitem “Blueprint’/Game/PrimalEarth/CoreBlueprints/Items/Artifacts/PrimalItemArtifact_02.PrimalItemArtifact_02′” 1 0 0

giveitem “Blueprint’/Game/PrimalEarth/CoreBlueprints/Items/Artifacts/PrimalItemArtifact_03.PrimalItemArtifact_03′” 1 0 0

giveitem “Blueprint’/Game/PrimalEarth/CoreBlueprints/Items/Artifacts/PrimalItemArtifact_05.PrimalItemArtifact_05′” 1 0 0

giveitem “Blueprint’/Game/PrimalEarth/CoreBlueprints/Items/Artifacts/PrimalItemArtifact_07.PrimalItemArtifact_07′” 1 0 0

giveitem “Blueprint’/Game/PrimalEarth/CoreBlueprints/Items/Artifacts/PrimalItemArtifact_12.PrimalItemArtifact_12′” 1 0 0

-Press Y on the terminal, and hold A on an artifact to move it over.
addexperience 99999999 0 0
-level yourself to level 70 or higher
-Select the Green Engram / Easy Portal and Press X to craft it
-Kill giant ape and giant spider using command
killaoe dinos 5000

All done!

Thanks to the TrueAchievements walkthrough author with some of the strategy used in this video:

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Additional thanks to: NoblestSteed, Inferno21, ElDylto1612, BulletMastery, Hixooonnn, kautzman11, AH Howesy, and ThatNlCKster.


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  1. Another excellent guide Maka – super easy copy and pasting into the Xbox Console Companion on PC!

  2. I can't unlock the achievements of the three guardians (spider, gorilla and dragon), not even changing the location of my console. Help.

  3. Perfect Explorer didnt work for me due to my PS4 Pro crashes after using the Command Giveallexplorernotes. After Restarting, all explorer notes are there but just 2 Trophies unlocked, any help?

  4. Can you please explain more about how to get keyboard on Xbox app. I can’t seem find it on my Xbox app.

  5. I have some trouble with the Explorer Notes. Achievements only unlocked until 80%, even new game could not help. Any suggestions?

  6. Had the same lockup after the first achievements for the artifacts. Playing on project scorpio one X console. Hard reset my xbox and it never froze up again. Cheers for the guide maka 👍

  7. Thanks for the guide maka awesome as usual (I love your guides ) but still took me over 2 hours to complete only because of map maker evertime I went into slomo my game glitched up but amazing guide and I would hate to imagine someone actually typing all them commands in

  8. March 6th. Still works, but some achievements take about half an hour to unlock. Just keep putting codes and the achievements will eventually catch up with you.

  9. Someone get this man an award! Worked perfectly, thanks MAKA! To anyone concerned about achievements not unlocking, some of mine took up to TEN minutes real time to unlock. Even after following all the advice posted here.

  10. Anyone else's admin box suddenly stop working? I got a few achievements and now when I type into the box with the controller or phone and press start the words disappear. Tried deleting things, restarting, etc. Everything else works fine. The admin option even pops up correctly

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