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Ark: Survival Evolved | Ark Additions Indominus Rex! (Ark Mod Spotlights) – The Indominus Rex is a very unique addition… it doesn’t spawn in the wild. To acquire or even see an Indominus, you have to engineer an Indominus Rex Egg, which can be learned at level 100. The Egg requires some difficult materials to obtain, so don’t expect an easy Indom!
Once you have your baby Indom, be careful! Baby Indominus, all the way to adulthood have a tendency to get very grumpy, and could potentially attack you or your tames at any moment, so don’t raise an Indominus in the company of others!. Once fully grown, Indominus are one of the most powerful mounts in the game, with a multitude of abilities, such as a resistance to Giga’s bleed, and a buff against boss enemies and alphas!

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Song- Mendum – Manic Bloom – Death and Conversation

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  1. Left Control is Indominus Roar. This doesn't do anything, but looks really cool, and can be used while moving!

  2. im trying to find male indominus of the new mondel to make my female mate but i cant find one :/
    is there a way to find one? pls tell me

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