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I’m on the hunt for a Mosasaurus and Kibble is the best and quickest way to tame in ARK Survival Evolved .
I’ve got A female Quetzalcoatlus and for the first kibble i used a fertilized egg, that’s right you can use those to make kibble too :).
This Kibble is expensive considering the amount that your going to need to tame an hungry Mosasaurus the ingredients are :
1 x Quetzalcoatlus Egg (Durrrr)
3 x Prime meat Jerky
3 x Rockarrot
100 x Mejoberry
120 x fiber
1 x water
As you can see the amount your going to need is LARGE.
The ARK Survival Evolved Dev’s have somewhat redeemed themselves with the best update feature by far (my opinion) the holding down of E key to gather. no more spamming the key 🙂
The second is the ability to transfer items from inventory. Using the T key when your mouse pointer is hovering above the item. much the same way as the O key to drop items.

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