ARK: Survival Evolved How to spawn a Tek base (part 1)


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ARK: Survival Evolved How to spawn a Tek base (part 1)

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This video shows you how to use the new GFI commands in ARK: Survival Evolved to spawn in your own beginner tek base. You will learn how to spawn a tek foundation, tek wall, tek ceiling, tek doorframe, and tek door.

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Tek base playlist
Keep in mind Admin Commands DO NOT work in single player maps if you are not signed in or offline or if you do not have admin logging enabled on the main menu.

Use the admin command giveengrams to unlock the engrams if you are having issues using spawned in items.

To use command menu press at the same time.
PS4: R1+L1+square + triangle
If you want to know how to get your game selected and tell me what to play check out this video.
Admin Commands for this video TYPE THEM EXACTLY AS SHOWN:

Tek Foundation

GFI tekfloor 1 1 0

Tek wall

GFI Tekwall 1 1 0

Tek ceiling

GFI tekceiling 1 1 0

Tek doorframe

GFI tekwallwithdoor 1 1 0

Tek door

GFI tekdoor 1 1 0

📱To ascend and go to the center map and Ragnarok type playercommand Ascend2
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  1. I have those codes already thanks to you indeed! But I need codes for ALL triangles building materials because there's triangle shaped building materials and I can't find them or acquires them to build a place I want requires triangle shaped roofs, floors, and walls if there's any for the walls. Lol So please help me find or acquires codes for these triangle-shaped building materials

  2. Does anyone here have a problem with when using spawn commands you can only spawn the giga and rex bionic costume?

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