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Admin console commands for summoning in Ark: Survival Evolved on the Nintendo Switch. This is a followup to a previous console command video I made, I thought it might be helpful to expand on summoning commands further. **There may be spoilers in this video.
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Equipment used: Blue Yeti Blackout USB Mic, Avermedia Portable 2 Plus, Acer Predator 17



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  1. The "Admin Command" button is not working on my switch. I have checked the box in the menu "Admin Logging" and I've been able to pull up the command box and type things in but it will not let me enter anything. My A button on my controller still works too. Any ideas on how to fix this????

  2. Почему так много видео про арк сурвивал эволв на Nintendo Switch только иностранцы снимают? эх😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😧

  3. Congrats! I really enjoyed your vids… bring us a lot of useful information. I wish to know some commands to adjust the graphics parameters for make this amazing game more 'friendly' with the Switch eye's users… 🙂

  4. For the artifacts you only need to put the number for example you can just do GFI 05 1 1 0 for the artifact instead

    Also if you only want to kill wild Dino's you can just type destroywilddinos so you don't need to kill your tames as well

    Edit: thanks the set dino colour command helped me a lot 😃

  5. Can you spawn in wyverns and griphons from rag even though it’s not in the game yet?

  6. Thx well when your channel does get big like a million big I'll be here to see it develop

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