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ARK: Survival Evolved will hit worldwide retail and digital release on August the 29th, 2017 for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Windows PC, Mac, and Linux. The past two years have been one heck of a journey! Millions of ARK players worldwide have built gigantic bases, captured and trained armies of dinosaurs, crafted armories full of weapons and eaten billion of pounds of berries. With your help, we’re now about to reach the completion of core content for ARK: Survival Evolved and release the full game to the world!

That was just the beginning; now we’ll be entering the next phase of our journey. Players who have been with us throughout this early access program and were excited with the launch of each update, have even more reason to be excited! ARK is going to become even more fun with surprise new content at launch and beyond, as we continue to have a behemoth amount of additional gameplay, creatures, and story elements in the works. The adventure has only begun!

Wildcard would like to extend a big thank you to our trailer team of volunteers for all of their help, and an extra thank you to Fizz for his building guidance and skills throughout this video. You can find his building work on his YouTube channel,

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  1. Graphics cranked to max, view distance and model load in set to max, WoW running in another tab. No lag even while its raining, not a single ctd, still once where a dino got stuck in rocks but that was an easy fix and nothing like before. I never thought id see the day where theyd optimise and update this game but wow. Worth a revisit.

  2. This game is clearly the best game to me so far it is complete with very present developers it is perfect and beautiful

  3. the opening scene is epic. the lone survivor after having seen the deaths of his dinosaurs and friends that he spent so long with is now in an unknown room, discovering its secrets only to be confronted by the guardians of the overseer.

  4. My god i love this game. But holy balls its so hard to run, and the glitches, bugs, and some physics are fckn ridiculous! I can only play at lowest settings to get 60 fps. 🙁 That doesnt take my enjoyment out of this game, I cant wait to pour another 1000 hours!

  5. Dear Wild Card, Can you people please bring back the host tether option because it's very annoying that everywhere I go my friend has to follow me whenever we play split screen together. Like if you agree

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  7. вот за то что показали правду лайк. размытая графика и др. косяки

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