ARK: Survival Evolved – Perfect Explorer


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Beginner Explorer – Discover 10% of the Explorer Notes on the ARK.
Experienced Explorer – Discover 20% of the Explorer Notes on the ARK.
Adventurous Explorer – Discover 30% of the Explorer Notes on the ARK.
Studious Explorer – Discover 40% of the Explorer Notes on the ARK.
Veteran Explorer – Discover 50% of the Explorer Notes on the ARK.
Adept Explorer – Discover 60% of the Explorer Notes on the ARK.
Professional Explorer – Discover 70% of the Explorer Notes on the ARK.
Expert Explorer – Discover 80% of the Explorer Notes on the ARK.
Master Explorer – Discover 90% of the Explorer Notes on the ARK.
Perfect Explorer – Discover 100% of the Explorer Notes on the ARK.

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Dossiers and Notes:

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  1. I'm on PC, and have all Dossiers, Notes, and all bosses on all 3 difficulties killed, no achievement given. Not blaming you, but obviously Wildcard has fucked up something else.

  2. I hope u answer… so I beat the boss and I got the achievement, thx btw. But then it did the ascension or whatever and it went to the credits where u press end. I pressed end and it made me make a new character when I logged back in. I had none of the skins. Did I lose em for good?, because i went on a boosted server that I usually play on and i killed myself but I didnt have any of the skins that I got from all the achievements I did. Pls help i really like the bone costumes lol

  3. If i kill the overseer, all of the explorer notes get reseted and all of my other skins are gone and if i kill the overseer first and do the other explorer notes miss i just the overseer explorer note

  4. So i platinum trophied the original game and i need to do the explorer section of trophies. I just wanted to ask if it's just purely explorer notes that i need to discover for the explorer trophies.

    Edit: Do i need to obtain all the dossiers all over again even though i got the trophy for discovering them all?

  5. Do the skins transfer into other servers? So say you get 100% in this achievement it stays with you everywhere?

  6. If you got 50% of them and do the boss fight and you need to make a new world will that 50% stay? not in game but like in files and that other 50% is still available?

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