Ark: Survival Evolved – RAGNAROK ALPHA BOSS FIGHT (No Mods/Cheats and Uncut)


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Hey guys, in this video we attempt the final boss of Ragnarok, its our first attempt, I do wanna note that our level cap for our dinos was at 450, which actually made the boss fight alot harder, cause the golems were alot stronger then normal. So on a normal server you probably only need about 50-60k hp dinos for the fights, we had 70-80k dinos and alot of them were still extremely close to dead after that fight. I encourage you all to have saddles on the dinos for extra armor, and to bring a yutyrannus for damage resistance and damage boost.

Now like I said I do wanna get a server started with you guys, I wanna make videos together and meat my early subscribers, but that’ll only happen if we get support on these videos, so hit subscribe, turn on that bell, and help grow the channel, Ill cya guys later!

Also I wanna point out that I really did not know if the music I used has any guidelines on using it in videos or not, I checked youtubes music policies and I didnt find this exact song in the list they gave, so heres a link, the song was great and went with my video well, you guys should check them out


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