ARK: Survival Evolved Ragnarok – FABRICATOR


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ARK! We return home to fix up the castle and Zylus builds an impressive piece of machinery.

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  1. Is it me or is the audio EXTREAMLY behind. Like when Zylus attacked the Tranadon I heard him attacking it about a minute before he actually hit it on the video

  2. zylus is by far the worst one of them and there playing with simon not trying to be mean its just a fact sorry but it had to be said

  3. Just in case nobody has mentioned it, Duncan, the mod Structures+ would be really useful for building in the castle; it allows structures to clip together more/better, and has standing torches and scones that will automatically light in the dark, don't require fuel, and can be dyed. It also adds versions of structures that can be picked back up, rather than destroyed, if you place them wrong.

  4. Soooo something useful that I learned is that you can put a torch on a saddle. Make sure the torch is in the DINOS inventory, then click and drag it to the saddle.

  5. I dont think they should acctually build anything on the castle, they should leave it how it is and add furniture

  6. Instead of covering the floor with foundations you guys could have stations were you have foundations with ramps along the walls. It would definitely look better.

  7. Duncan to ease the ark building pain put: bDisableStructurePlacementCollision=true in Game.ini

  8. They're making a hash of the castle reconstruction. At this point I have to wonder if they'd have been better off just building a base from scratch.

  9. Y'all should have put those four forges in that space from the wall where they couldn't put the foundations down. If that's a doable mechanic

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