Ark Survival Evolved | Steam Key Giveaway! or Scorched Earth Key!


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  1. The reason i want ark is my parents wont let me buy ark because the think i already gott it because the gave me the key for ark scorched and sorry fore my bad english:) im from the netherlands that why and i dont know if im going to make it to your stream because of our time differense if i win that you can just send me a message i hope i win:D

  2. Hi! Nice Video, i have a tip for you try to use fullscreen in game to make a better capture, and to eventually increase fps.
    But Good PC Quality, and I know that making vids is Hard and getting your first subs too but if you keep the good quality You Can do It! And If I win I want to get the Scorched Earth Key.

    -Thanks for the opportunite !

  3. I want this game so bad i almost get grounded because is was so anoing (sorry for bad english)😂😂

  4. hey, my mom wont let me buy it because i have recently bought an game already so, i need that key, ps: making vids is hard, i know it i had an channel before this one with vids

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