Ark: Survival Evolved Steam Key Giveaway (Singularity Gameplay)


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  1. can i have a steam key i really want the game my parents wont let me get it they dont like having to pay for all the games.

  2. Hi i Would like to get the key to finally be able to Play the game With my friends, my parents wont let me buy it because they refuse to have fun playing Video games. 🙁
    I kinda hope i'll win, happy easter from germany 🙂

  3. I would like to get it for my friend who doesn't have a job and is almost to dumb to hold one.

  4. good to see youtuber like you,humble and generous,thanks for the giveaway,I did sub you,liked and shared the video,hope i win.😄😄

  5. this gameplay ain't even 4 ark and evryone in the comments are saying they want the key because they liked the gameplay that isn't from the game they asking.

  6. please i need the game.iplayed the crack version but it doesnt work anymore.
    i got the money and stuff to get the game but i cant make online purchases since they don't support my country.

  7. I would love an ARK steam code for PC . I want to suprise my nephew for his birthday, he's been talking about it for ever. He would love me if you would give me the code.

  8. i want Ark: Survival Evolved because it looks awesome
    you died Two times
    good luck everyone 🙂

  9. I want that ark steam key. my mum feeds me rocks my current PC is a toaster and I'm getting bored of playing minesweeper on low.

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