Ark Survival / Scorched Earth X2 DLC Giveaway – Ends 23/09/16


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Free arksurvivalevolvedkeygiveaway is ready for download

Ark Survival / Scorched Earth X2 DLC Giveaway – Ends 23/09/16was extracted from

Competition Time gain.
This time 2 winners will each receive one steam key of Scorched Earth DLC for Ark Survival.

TO Enter is Easy :

1 – Click this link and reply to this video in the link.No reply no entry,as i will be using a random Reply generator to pick the 2 winners.

2 – Subscribe to channel.

3 – Is no 3 as this is an easy Giveaway.

Winners Will be picked in LiveStream on the 23/09/16 at 5pm UK Time.

Good luck and thanks for entering.

Lastly – you can ask questions in this video but only replies from the link posted above will be counted.

Music Credit – / Deep blue

Please watch: “Tek Tier & Tek Rex / Replicator/Transmitter and Boss Kill + 4 new Dinos”



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  1. Youtube is processing the video.2 winners have been picked randomly.
    Soon as Video is done i will post it.

  2. hello first good videos and the sound is ok and can we win the dlc only or is it possible the game win also only ark survival evolved

  3. I probably shouldn't be excited with my terrible luck…but I can't help it. I'm hyped

  4. Can anyone tell me if the audio is any better or worse,as i just changed mic from the normal Blue Yeti one which i usually use.

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