ARK: Suvrival Evolved Hack/Cheats – Get Your Free Ambers [Android/iOS]


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ARK: Suvrival Evolved Hack/Cheats – Get Your Free Ambers [Android/iOS]was extracted from

Hello guys! Few days ago I stumbled upon this amazing Ark Survival Evolved hack and I thought to myself “is this for real or is it just another time waster? So I decided to give it a try. I tried to add 200 Anciet ambers and guess what? I actually got them!!!

Link to ARK: Survival Evolved:

This game in the video is just for example, all their hacks are working on the same principle and you can get unlimited amount of resources,just follow every step I do and you will be ok!

Whole process takes a few minutes of your time and best of all its free,so what are you waiting for? Take this chance because we dont know how much time it will take the game developers to patch this bag or what ever it is.

This ARK Survival Evolved cheats are working fine on both ios and android platforms I tested them myself. Another thing I wanted to mention is that you can use this hack multiple times and you wont get banned. Thats it guys, please like my video if this hack has helped you and if you got any suggestions for me please leave a comment below! Thanks!


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