Arma 2 DayZ Jimbo version – Bad CD-Key – Change Key – Game won’t update – Solve Problems [english]


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Arma 2 DayZ Jimbo version – Bad CD-Key – Change Key – Game won’t update – Solve Problems [english]was extracted from


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  1. @Zach Drella

    Hey, man. I can not reply to your comment as usual. I think because of some
    google+ settings. Anyway, youre almost done. The error you get now is
    actually a good sign. It means, you successfully installed the arma 2 beta
    patch. Now change the key in the registry until you are able to join the
    game as normal. For more help you might wanna read the video description. I
    assume you use the shortcut that I show in the video or dayz commander to
    start the game.

  2. “arma 2 is not installed on your computer or is corrupted” when trying to
    install the latest patch… thing game is FUCKING shit

  3. +TomatoGranato Hi. First of all thanks for the tutorial. I’m having a
    little trouble though. First I was getting the error “Bad CD Key”. Then I
    followed your guide and I had to change the registry location values as I
    had installed in a different location (H:), now I’m getting the error “CD
    Key not matching Player ID”.

    Any ideas?

    Many thanks again :)

  4. Can you help me every time i type like 90 times it says error wraiting the
    values new content

  5. Alright. so.. after spending roughly 2 dam hours getting everything put
    right. I have updated dayZ by their launcher. and whenever i try to join a
    server i get that my CD is wrong.. my version is higher then the on you
    showed in the video so.. the hell do i do from here? also how do i make a
    dayz lan game? I tried and it sent me to make my own mission or something

  6. please help me i did every thing but it still not working please replay and
    tell me what to do
    (if you want to do it for me download team viewer)

  7. Hi. Well i fallowed all of what u did but the last part… I got into
    Expansions beta and when i rightclick arma2 OA… Theres no shortcut…
    Theres only general …

  8. Mine worked after I set all the permissions in the registry on Bohemia
    studio folder to full control and added the upper key on the generator to
    the registry called (default) on Arma 2 OA and added the key like in the
    tutorial. Not sure which ports to block on the firewall. I just disconnect
    frm the internet when hosting my dedicated server. (Thanks TomatoGranato) 

  9. When i go to Regedit, i find the bohemia interactive studios only folder
    inside of it a folder named arma 2 oa, and then there is nothing. is there
    a fix for this?? and also are there cracked servers that i can play on?

  10. Did you find any way to get rid of FADE? I tried that “Mount mini-image
    with VirtualCD to a physical drive”, it didn’t work. FADE still kicked in.

  11. hey another question, its working now but whenever i try to join a server
    it says invalid key, what do i do?

  12. I got “Bad Serial Number given in Setup” when i try to start the game.Tried
    changing the key alot of times but still got it.

  13. and how to remove THIS key ? now i’m playing arma 2 on steam and it can’t
    update to lastest patch just because this key 

  14. When I first tried playing Dayz, it would start up and everything was
    working fine but when I tried joining a server it said “Bad CD Key: Invalid
    CD Key”. So I tried fixing it with this method and it ended up corrupting
    the entire game and now I can’t start it up or do anything with it. PLEASE

  15. i’ve tried 30 keys but it still says bad serial number given in setup, i’m
    sure that i’m chosing OA keys.

  16. I’m able to start the application, but the start menu is all blank. I can
    see the layout of the menu, and background, but its blank and everything is

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