Assembling Gears in Autodesk Inventor Professional 2014


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  1. is there possibly an easier way of doing it? you already made it simple by going through it step by step. (thank you by the way) but i hate messing with all the little tab settings because I think i will mess something up. also, how could i make this work with planeraty gears?

  2. Can you please make a tutorial on how to resize these gears?? I am trying to fit these inside a mechanical toy model for a school assignment, but I need them to be a lot smaller than they are by default.

  3. New to inventor here.  What if you want to create a single small 14 tooth gear?  I can replicate what you are doing, but I don't understand what parameters to change without causing a conflict.  Soon as I change number of teeth, a conflict occurs.  Why can't I just request that I want a single 5mm thick spur gear at 12mm wide, a 2mm hole with 14 teeth as a component and not an assembly? Just want to make a copy of a broken odometer gear to make on my 3D printer. But it looks as if I will have to manually make this as a sketch and then extrude vs using a design accelerator.

  4. Hey great video, i've been trying to get to grips with the generator, but cant find out how to sketch on the gears, (make a centre hole). I also is it possible to make a worm face gear? Thanks

  5. is there a reason to avoid making both gears at once in the Spur Gear dialog box? Does it make them less flexible in terms of offset, etc?

  6. You deactivated  "grounded" for the part and then later you did constraint the part to the XY plane. Isn't that the same thing? What's the difference?

  7. Hello i cant find the "Design" tab on my inventor… im using inventor 2014, i'm sorry im new on using inventor and i really need to finish a proyect… thanks for your help

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