Astroneer – Part 1 – Yes Man’s Sky – Space Exploration! – Let’s Play Astroneer Gameplay – Pre-Alpha


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Astroneer – Part 1 – Yes Man’s Sky – Space Exploration! – Let’s Play Astroneer Gameplay – Pre-Alphawas extracted from


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  1. just got this game a couple days ago, its pretty sweet… although I have learned markers and home markers are almost completely useless. especially if you build inside a mountain hehhe… still trying to figure out what exactly there is to do though… I mean I know you can go to other planets and what not,, but I mean its basically researching the same crap over and over,,, or finding useless materials insides chests… is there like rare alien tech,, is there any point in even leaving the main planet or making another base other than to just make another base? it has no money, you get no bonus for trying trade anything alien like seeds……. anyone know if there is further in-depth stuff or just the ten buildings and I dunno 25 techs?  whats the point, I know its  sand box, but even gta had a goal….also anyone know what I do with dynamite, found some on a dead guy don't wanna waste it if its rare as ai don't have recipe for them yet.

  2. Your voice seem so familiar. Can you say:
    The feathers was flying all over the place and i said, Gary has just passed on.

  3. astroneer-Hey No Man Sky whats the difference about you and me
    No Mans Sky-Good one Astroneer you dont have many planets
    Astroneer-No.Not that.I Have Multiplayer and no one hates me
    No Mans Sky-..

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