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  1. hii!! how we can install software after completion of 30 days trail, am not getting s/w after re-installing it

  2. i was installed autocad 2012 s/w .active your product is completed,but system say could not get debug privilege ! Are you admin.

  3. @joseph, I cannot find your client details in our sales database. Did you purchase the software through IMAGINiT?

  4. Make sure that User Account Control (Start/Search/UAC) is set to 'Never Notify' before running setup.

  5. Having problems with the installation, when im trying to install, suddenly the program ask me to close the program "windows explorer" to continue. I close that program and the installation goes on but freeze in some time

  6. Your OS likely does not have .net 4 extended installed.

    Autodesk disk has it in a folder but it is manual install, or get it from the Microsoft website.

  7. sir. Why is it that that an error pops out during the installation? it says that " .NET 4.0 is not installed." Autocad- English cannot be installed without this component." why is that so? how to fix this?

  8. Hello! We would need more details about your installation before properly assisting. We suggest reaching out to our support team at 800.808.7645 or 888.528.4765.

  9. Mine keeps saying it failed for everything. I checked all the reqirerments and everything checked out. followed everything you said. Don't know whats happeing that isn't supposed too

  10. Error description is a bit vague. Could be error on the language pack is not installing? If not then look at the logs and see what is the error. The logs are in your profile temp directory in windows.

  11. hi…when i try to install i get an error that the language is not good and i can't install?Why?

  12. There are some registry cleaning programs that will scan the Windows registry and make changes that they think are appropriate but can often disrupt the registry keys that AutoCAD needs. Usually a repair install or resetting to the original defaults will correct this until the registry cleaner runs again. If this matches your circumstances, try configuring the registry cleaner to exclude Autodesk keys from scanning.

    Also, 6 GB of RAM is not a problem.

  13. To return AutoCAD 2012 to its original condition when it was running successfully, try running Start/All Programs/Autodesk/AutoCAD 2012 – English/ Reset Settings to Default.

  14. I had been using AutoCAD 2012 for about four months and then randomly stopped working. I have 6Gs of RAM. Is that a problem? The program loads but as soon as the splash screen disappears and it is about to launch it shuts itself down. Why?

    Thanks! John!

  15. @tochbomb1 For Inventor 2012, the last few lines of the setup.log will list what failed. The fastest method to locate the log file if a link to it is not shown in the installation dialog, is to go to Start/Run (or Windows Logo key+R) and enter %temp%. Sort as needed to locate and open Inventor 2012 Setup.log. If there are some Windows components that require updating before the installer can complete, they will be mentioned in the last few lines.

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