BALANCE CHANGES 03/04 REVIEW // CLASH ROYALE (it feels clickbait to even call these changes tbh…)


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Welp, it’s that time again. Monthly balances SOUNDED like the best things to ever happen to Clash Royale, but in fact they may’ve just killed it. Today, we got a whole 5 balance changes. Barbarians, Wall Breakers, Xbow, Bomb Tower, and a load of random swarms were all subject to changes in today’s update announcement. In theory, they all look okay I guess. But in essence, balance change reviews shouldn’t be over within 5 minutes… #clashroyale

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  1. I watched this back to back with your balance suggestions lol
    "I don't want/care about changes to Bomb Tower, Barbarians, Wallbreakers…"
    supercell: "Hold my beer".

    Also Draft Royale when >:(

  2. The bomb tower’s death bomb is SOOOO slow and they ruined my rascals even moreee nothing is worse than seeing the girls get fucked by a wiz because they too close

  3. Its funny that they indirectly nerfed. Mortar bait because people complained on it so much, im amazed there wasnt a nerf to Ram Rider's snare

  4. I think what supercell mean about don't want the bait card is they don't want 4 elixirs (fireball bait) card, I mean if the enemy fireball a 4 elixir card and it's an equal elixir trade, so the push will be more powerful than the enemy fireball a 5 elixir card, I personally love the change to barbarians.

  5. Co-review:

    Barb Nerf: I mean, yeah, I agree, Supercell is doubling back on themselves with this one. As a fellow commenter has said, they are turning into a slower ground horde.

    Wall Breaker Buff: I mean, at least now they're a card that forces a reaction out the opponent, even if it isn't much.

    Bomb Tower DD: I mean, not bad. Making it a little more dangerous for lingering units, but as a building, the only unit that the DD will really effect is battle ram because most other building targeters have fast move speeds or are a tank. For anything else, you'd need something to pull units. But to be honest, it depends on the timer or the damage

    Xbow buff: Honestly, meh. +4% isn't too much. It's like the musketeer last update

    Swarm deploy change: Not a bad thing, honestly.

  6. Wow, now wallbreakers do the same damage as an ignored goblinbarrel, but you can still counter them easily with one elixir, cant increase this damage by tanking them AND pay the same amount of elixir. Impressive

  7. Don't understand the x-bow buff. Personally as someone who plays x-bow, the nerf to barb barrel was enough, this just sort of seems excessive. I see this sort of turning out like the ice wizard buff where x-bow gets buffed, becomes meta for a month or 2, then gets nerfed back to its previous iteration. idk though, they might keep the buff just because of the increase of rg on ladder.

  8. I like these balance changes, especially the barbarian, bomb tower and wall breaker ones 🙂

  9. Bomb tower should have got its bomb at 1 second and barbarians didn’t deserve this awful rework….

    That’s adds 5 cards supercell destroyed by reworking >:(

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