Bat Wisdom 21: Using Trackerbot


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  1. Theoretically it's a very usefull tool, but I do have a few questions:
    1. Is there a way to get rid of all those cards that aren't actually in the deck? There are all these discovered cards that clogg up the data and don't really add very usefull information.
    2. Is it possible to get a deeper analysis of these stats, for example a cross-reference with the turn the cards are played.
    3. Are there any other data tools out there that we might not know about yet? I've been balancing just outside top 100 for the past couple months and now the new blizzcon year is here, I could use every edge I can get.

  2. The thing about competition with large RNG components is that the more of it there is the less reliable it is to use just a few matches to determine skill.

    Poker has it figured out by tracking player performance over a large amount of games rather than determining who wins the cup through a coin flip.

  3. The only thing that annoys me about Track-o-bot is how it'd randomly not track some games or classify my deck as another archetype.

  4. firebat i like your videos a lot but if you do sponsored videos please say it clearly…there's nothing wrong about doing sponsored videos but you have to state that

  5. Firebat please just get paladin golden its triggering me how you have every one except pally

  6. 55% win rate doesn't win tournaments…tell me about it. The first round of a random local tournament, I got 3-0ed by Th3Rat, who randomly showed up to some tiny tournament, and then won my other matches 3-1, 3-2, 3-1. Still only got 4th.

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