Battle camp 40 legendary grabs pt 2!

Filename: battlecamphowtogetfreespins.exe

FileSize: 28 MB

Free battlecamphowtogetfreespins is ready for download

Battle camp 40 legendary grabs pt 2!was extracted from


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  1. if you close recent apps the spins order change well they do for me on android im not sure if it dose for others but i spin close app window go back in and order is changed but you need close the recent apps for it to change

  2. the game is coded to givenu a legendary every 300 times u spin it they try to make u buy more spins trust me ik a hack

  3. Hi guys, if you want an Epic enter this code: rjwgf1 but you will have to begin the game from the start.

  4. I swear to fucking god that was bullshit I'm gonna try to see if I can get the developers to change that chance of getting supers because that's more then unlucky.4th most unluckiest so far.The 1st place goes to a youtubers that opened 200 chests and got absolutely garbage.

  5. even if they put 10epic 10 ultra 1 super u will still get supers ,what a criminals -i'm so so happy i didn't spend any money on grabs and decided to watch this video first – even it was 1legendery : 2 epic :2 ultra : 2 super u still get supers after all that grabs – what do u think i would get in that ultimate drop in 3 spins

  6. This is ridiculous! Same thing is with ultimate grab doesn't matter how many times i spin all i can get is rare and if I'm lucky maybe 1 super. Robber band!

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