Battleborn Hack Aimbot – ArtificialAiming

Filename: battlebornhack.exe

FileSize: 22 MB

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Battleborn Hack Aimbot – ArtificialAimingwas extracted from


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  1. Totally destroyed this shitty after-birth of destiny and borderlands…lol I do not condone cheating in any form…not even on my girlfriend ;D

  2. Linking this to gearbox so they send a strike to the channel,this doesn't fall under fair use because you arent using it for review but rather to link to your product.

  3. Faced this last night. Funny enough we beat them both times despite bads buying cheats like this. Kelvin absolutely shits on players buying your idiotic aim bot.

  4. why people pay for a game then cheat? whats the funny in doing "nothing" let a cheat do it for you? is kinda sensless

  5. What a fucking loser, and before you say "stop sucking". I don't actually suck most games I play on the PC I lead the lobby so in reality I'm the reason people like you have to cheat. lol

  6. What a talentless POS. are you that terrible at the game you have to resort to cheating? That's just pathetic and sad. How is even satisfying when you cheat to win? Guess some people are so pathetic that a cheating win is still a win. So sad really.

  7. shit like this just ruins the fun. run into a marquis hacker almost every other game it seems. i shoulda got the ps4 version instead of pc

  8. Aimbotting is for faggots. Kill yourself kid. Can't handle recoil? Then use a different gun

  9. what a fucking loser. Knew there was bullshit already for this game just ran into someone doing this shit. Hope you and your entire family get raped by a gang of black guys.

  10. Wow, I hope people like you get permanently VAC banned. Cheating is unacceptable in online games.

  11. Are you fucking kidding me? What the hell is wrong with people. What compels someone to ruin a game by having it so a program plays the game for you? And those who use it? You're not good. A game is meant to be played. And you're not playing it. Gah. This is upsetting.

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