1. next year is good time to get a ps4, since theres little games out and they
    could fix some issues on the ps4 if there is some 🙂

  2. Damn I look at this and already feel nostalgic. *Haaa, remember the time
    when I shot you down when you were around Flag B, I was in my chumper!”
    “Yeah great moment on that Bridge Too Far Map” “No it was in Siege of
    Shanghai..” “Oh yeah sure sorry Battlefield 3. Sorry my bad I thought you
    were talking about BF 2 Modern Combat.” “No it was in BF 4…” “You sure?
    ‘Cause y’know they released a Flashback DLC map pack bringing back Shanghai
    map to BF 5” “Oh well now that you mention it..”

  3. well I did just reset them, if I didn’t reset the KD it should still be
    near 6.0, and even that is still really good.

  4. LOL thats not me, here is the link to my Battlelog. ( no Spaces ) ht tp:/
    /battlelog.battlefield. com/bf3/soldier/Nw0__LynX/ stats/903258468/ps3/

  5. This is without the texture pack. It will look better but not like pc. The
    next gen consoles won’t look even close to pc but who cares. It will be fun
    on all platforms. Have fun!

  6. It wasn’t even your accuracy or your ratio. You made stupid decisions,
    tactics are a hell of a lot more useful than being able to shoot. You ran
    out into enemy fire, you got shot from behind and turned around to shoot
    back (and got killed), and you came from behind cover when you knew there
    was an enemy hiding.

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