Battlefield 4 | BETA FIRST THOUGHTS!

Battlefield 4 | BETA FIRST THOUGHTS!

Free battlefield 4 beta download pc is ready to be downloaded

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  1. I had this proper weird glitch with my sniper yesterday. It just
    disappeared and I had to aim down my arm and hand. Then it happened with my
    pistol but it was only until I died that it fixed itself. Glad that EA
    release betas 🙂

  2. in the beta i have only 24-30 fps on ultra and on low too 🙁 but i think
    when the game comes out it will run without problems 😉

  3. i wish i had the day one beta 🙁 3 more days to go i guess, but anyway
    great review and i’m looking forward to more bf4 vids!

  4. Sounds nice. Great reviews. Almost bought it, went i5-3570k instead. Wish I
    went AMD 8350 just to have a match in brand / AMD Optimiz-ed or ing [as it
    is lagging in beta too] for BF4 & other EA games.

  5. Yeah. Watch pcper and try to find the videos on framerating and how it’s
    mainly an issue on AMD cards. ToT is not very technical.

  6. Yeah I know I’m not expecting anything faboules on graphics but hopefully
    I’m going to upgrade to a GTX 760 SuperClocked with ACX 🙂

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