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  1. They told us that it was a pre-alpha bug, that would be gone from regular
    (only in hardcore) by the time that the game releases. DICE removed this
    bug by the time that gamescom rolled around. This leads me to believe that
    the game build that we console players are playing on is sometime between
    pre-alpha and alpha. This makes sense, because it took them a long time to
    negotiate how to do the BETA with Sony and MS.

  2. As playing with him regularly, he used it in BF3 and I believe he is using
    it. I think the aim assist is more of an aimbot

  3. I hope that the beta is really pre alpha. That would mean that the final
    game is going to be WAY better!

  4. I’ve seen him using it at Close Quaters maps, but that was long time ago.
    In these videos it’s hard to see if it’s on or not. And as for me, it is
    for noobs. It only messes up your accuracy. To my mind, they should have
    servers with aim-assist off. It would make the gameplay much more

  5. Yeah, also use the first semi-auto shotgun and watch the ammo disappear.
    Its definately a glitch -.-

  6. I find it interesting that us PS3 player lose 31 bullets every time that we
    reload, even though you should only be losing 30 bullets out of your
    inventory. Also, PC players don’t lose any bullets when they reload while
    playing regular. Way back at E3, DICE told us that you would not be losing
    any bullets when you reload in regular, and that it was just a pre-alpha
    bug. Does this say something about how new the “beta” is? On the topic of
    your video: great as always.

  7. To be honest with I’ve never even check for either BF3 or BF4. I tend to
    leave settings how they are. Will be sure to check that and switch it off
    if it’s turned on. Would prefer not to use it

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