1. Making a heroic war story with the player being american is like star wars
    where luke skywalker is an imperial officer. You have all sort of contrived
    and nonsensical storylines, like Russians invading east US using their one
    aircraft carrier because they found a dead american at a massacre site.
    There are so many fascinating possibilities – like imagine playing a
    chinese agent trying to prevent civil war in countries the US is
    destabilizing due to those countries rejecting the petrodollar.

  2. Yes please to the change of scenery. The ‘modern’ setting have been so
    overplayed, it’s ridiculous. It’s funny how much bitching there was about
    the WWII setting a decade ago yet the ‘modern’ setting easily dethroned
    WWII as ‘most overdone setting’ 5 years ago if not earlier. Hell, even just
    a change of plot from the usually ‘US vs USSR’ would be welcome.

  3. The BF franchise is EA’s lifeline so they’re afraid to go either way, in
    fear of losing their audience. BF4 brings incremental improvements and
    tweaks – it should’ve been an expansion pack, not a standalone title, but
    there you go. I’d like a change of scenery – a 2142 game would be very
    welcome. Some fresh ideas, some spinoff.

  4. I’m with you, bunny. I learned my lesson after 3, I’m not buying the game
    until the Premium edition comes out.

  5. The white paint that your referring to look just like dust covered 9/11 to
    me. Which is a accurate portrayal of a fallen sky scrapper, in the middle
    of a city landscape.

  6. mmm, dat options screen. as a PC gamer, nothing turns me on more than 2
    types of antialiasing and 2 types of texture settings

  7. a beta just less than a month away from relase, and the gameplay its just
    the same but i think its even worse. Besides, the game itself is just like
    BF P4F, everything but the playing part is done in an in-browser stage

  8. It’s a beta! It’s not meant to show you how the game looks, it’s supposed
    to show you the gameplay and how it works!

  9. i HATED this game. i do like the amount of options, but in general i felt
    the game weird and annoying, the first map is horrible, i hate how even
    when everything is maxed out the graphics seems like from COD MW1. i had an
    HORRIBLE experience with the beta

  10. the post-tower textures are probably just terrible because the beta is
    actually a pre-alpha build graphics wise.

  11. I don’t really consider that a bad thing. I think the creators want to
    create a chaotic, “over-the-top” battlefield but have it look like a triple
    A cinematic experience. On an unrelated topic, I think you should review
    Rayman Legends. You might enjoy it.

  12. On ps3 the button to accept revive is r1, one time I got revived, but I had
    an rpg in my hand (idk why I didn’t have a pistol, I did have it in my hand
    when I died though.) I pressed R1 to accept revive but Iblew myself up
    because the rpg was in my hand. I didn’t realise it was because I was
    looking at the accept revive icon to see what button I had to press. That
    pissed me off, I didn’t see eat was wrong with x and o They were perfectly
    fine anyway.

  13. Well alot of popular online games tend to still end up with players who
    stick with them even after sequels get launched. I mean you can still play
    MW2 on xbox and still find plenty of games, though other modes might leave
    you waiting for a few minutes. BF has a huge following and there will be
    people who decide they like BF3 more then BF4, or don’t buy BF4 and keep
    playing BF3. Though true the player base will be smaller, finding a match
    won’t be so hard.

  14. It’s important to note that the XP requirements for both levels and new
    gear are inflated compared to BF3. Note that about half of the attachments
    in the beta are locked behind “battlepacks”, which contain XP boosters,
    camos and the rare customisation options. These are based on a random
    number generator, meaning that the natural progression is now a slot
    machine penalizing those who don’t buy battlepacks on top of the full
    priced game and premium. Horribly, it will probably work out for them.

  15. The “Premium” edition is Battlefield’s analogue to the “Game of the Year”
    edition. I didn’t want to use that word specifically because it’s
    borderline jargon, someone who’s not into this stuff isn’t going to know
    exactly what is and isn’t “premium,” and how the premium membership differs
    from the premium edition

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