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  1. Being a rehash dosent mean the game sucks moron. Even tho they are 60$
    updates Call of duty still has solid gameplay and tight controls. Bf3 onthe
    other hand just flat out sucks on multiple levels, the game feels like a
    damn alpha build, B2K was a scam, the online passes are bullshit and dice
    dumbed it down so much that it dopsent even play like a battlefield game
    anymore. I would rather buy 15 CODs before I ever touch a EA/Dice product
    again. Fuck them and their shity badcompany hybrid POS game

  2. “And you’re a fanboy of flaming and cursing.” That made no sense. fanboys
    are so dedicated to defending something they become irrational and blind to
    its flaws. Where did i show unfaltering love for cursing and flaming? When
    did I form a discussion in attempt to defend this? No where. Now go fuck
    yourself you sun deprived ape and stay out of my inbox..

  3. Also since you want to call me a fanboy, what am I a fanboy of? What game
    am I defendeding and making excuses for? You dont even know what that word
    means you fucking idiot, you cant be a fanboy for criticizing a game,thats
    the complete opposite. Now get back to sucking bitch and stop spamming me.

  4. How is reloading at 16 – 19 rounds a fail when there are NO enemies around?
    That’s a smart move. Why go into a new firefight with a 16 – 19 round mag
    instead of a 30 round mag?

  5. Don’t use harsh words m8. We all like different things, it is just the way
    it is. I like bf, I don’t like EA and i don’t care about cod. Why do you
    say that battlefield is like an alpha? I played the alpha and it is far
    from alpha, the combat is really complex, rockets for example deals
    different amount of damage to tanks depending on the angle on impact. Cod
    and bf are both fps, but different sub-genres, cod is like an arcade
    shooter where you want highscores and bf is more like a simulation.

  6. Only the beta is coming out next year, not the game so don’t worry 🙂 bf4 I
    think may come out in late 2014 but Idk

  7. lol and Obama sent me a biithday card last year. I like how you claim to
    study robots after I just slapped you with a responding proving that you
    didnt know what the word “fanboy” meant. Now if you are going to respond
    dumbass, try sticking to the original point and stop trying to save face
    with random talk about your made up school work…… Idiot.

  8. Got here via message. A good commentator is not one who does it for the
    money, but for the love of commentating.

  9. YAY Keep adding to the over saturation in the gaming commentary’s on

  10. no thanks I would rather just play my death matchs on call of duty or
    rainbow six. Funny how these games have less lag killing and they dont run
    on dedicated servers and I dont need to join COD elite just to find a
    decent amount of games. and I really like how there are no admins who
    console kill or ban me because I bested them.

  11. I’m not spamming anyone. And you’re a fanboy of flaming and cursing… If
    you act like this when people just tell you want they enjoy then i feel
    sorry for you, I really do. And don’t call me an idiot, i have nearly
    perfect grades and i’m studying robotics. Should I suck a bitch? You really
    need to se a shrink.

  12. BF still dosent come close to simulating real life, not even a little bit.
    Its a damn arcade shooter.. And you know exactly what Im talking about. If
    people spray their guns at you, your screen gets blurry and your bullets
    come out of your gun crooked, its as if the gun itself get scared. It ts
    the most horrible attempt at suppression that I have ever seen. And dont
    come at me with smerk ass remarks when you jumped on my comment asking for
    a response so go fuck yourself.

  13. Please, MW2 and even rainbow six vegas takes a huge shit on BF3. Thats the
    problem with halfwitts today. You morons think if a game has pretty
    graphics its automatically the best thing on the market. BF3 does nothing
    special beyond graphics. Thats all it has. The campaign is average, the
    coop is a fucking joke and the online is essentially a barley playable
    alpha a build for medal of honor. The bad Company games are better then
    this piece of shit.

  14. So Rockets do more damage with a straight shot. Big fucking deal. That
    dosent negate the shitty gameplay and if battlefield attempted to simulate
    real war then it failed, hard. I can tell you from personal experience that
    being shot at wont cause your bullets to fly out of your barrel at a 40
    degree angle and a RPG wont disable a vehicle by simply hitting its frame.
    And bF3 is just like call of duty. Just look at the Close quarters DLC. The
    A.I controlled gun ship. Same shit diffrent maps.

  15. and you are a fanboy dumbass. You just said 1 shitty feature dosent not
    equally to shitty gameplay completely ignoring all the other stuff that I
    brought up like netcode and vehicles. You only respond because you didnt
    like to hear me criticize the game and its fuckfail developer. Fanboys
    always feel the need to respond to people who dont share the same opinion
    as them and try to tell people that they are wrong for not being in love
    with the same product. Go suck Ea’s dick and get off my back.

  16. That wont happen. Remember what dice said? They dont want consoles to miss
    out on any gameplay features, they want things to fair. So yeah, fuck dice.

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