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  2. It’s a bigger world, the game is improved, but I really am looking more
    forward to COD. Just being honest, not spamming at all. Just being honest.

  3. Yeah but not yet therefore the beta vids are on pc-ps3-360 and the best
    looking videos will be from PC, so stfu lol.

  4. Yeah I have played it. And as a BF3 premium user, I feel ripped off by
    paying another 50 euros plus another 60 premium for a AAA game, and
    receiving a BF3 expansion pack. So CoD gets burned like a witch when they
    do this, but god forbid people say something when BF does the same shit. If
    you like being ripped off, by all means go buy the game. I’m sticking to BF3

  5. I’m sorry for those that it didn’t work, I was just passing along what
    worked for me… I guess you guys will have to wait until Microsoft fixes

  6. i had bought the medal of honor limited edition game, got the game add-on
    download which had the exclusive battlefield beta had used the code all
    worked fine, now when i go to download the beta it has a -1 and doesn’t
    download on the xbox dashboard… anyone else have this problem?

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