Battlefield 4 Beta – Motion Sensor: How it Works & Basic Sniping Tips (BF4 Beta Gameplay/Commentary)


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  1. They should have given spotting points for using these and also put the
    marker over enemy players as spotting does

  2. I plated the beta and I think they should bring back the MAV and spon
    beckon. But I guest I could live with this

  3. Come on. I like using the MAV. It fun knocking campers off a high place or
    trolling them when they know they can’t shoot the MAV down or they give
    away their spot.

  4. Recon is perfect, except for the snipers. Sniping is still basically
    broken. The hitboxes on the chest only register half the time.

  5. Clouded truth do u think the dog tags need a final render or something
    because most of them seemed to be glitched, where the entire dog tag is
    empty besides for a small portion of it

  6. I noticed a couple time, like at 5:25 or 5:47 , where it seems like you’re
    just getting instakilled by that AK-12 from about 50 meters away. I’ve read
    about the TTK in BF4 being drastically lower, and it’s one if the things
    that worries me the most about the game. I’m afraid that DICE has tried to
    make the game more CoD friendly in an effort to steal market share from
    Ubisoft. Do you think that’s true, or am I just being paranoid? And is the
    AK-12 really that bad/good, or is that just lag?

  7. I love running around with the Pokeballs 😛 Along with that ACWR 😉 It’s
    just a great setup all around, and I can’t wait until the full game comes
    out and I can unlock some suppressors for those badboys! I wonder though,
    if an enemy sees one of the balls on the ground if they can destroy them. I
    noticed that for the most part they kind of disappear beneath the map… I
    don’t know if that’s a glitch or what, but I’ve never had one destroyed on
    me before. Great video as always Cloud! Great intro!

  8. Dog tags have a lot of glitches (I’ve gotten master dog tags for weapons
    that aren’t even in the beta) right now so it’s hard to say if I like the
    way they look in BF4.

  9. I’m the same way, I can’t stand anything over the 8x and prefer to have the
    4x or lower zoom for aggressive sniping.

  10. I disagree entirely, I love the bolt action sniper rifles on console,
    (PS3), the only thing is that you have to actually use them as a sniper
    rifle. You can’t run around and “ermagherd, no scopezz headshotszz
    ferdayz!!!” If you get your aim on point and you keep out of the main line
    of fire you can pull of some pretty decent kills. Again, like Cloud said,
    it takes skill, so if you don’t have that then I guess the sniper rifles
    would suck.

  11. Since most of the weapons in the beta fire relatively slow, with a few
    exceptions, it’s hard to say if the recoil amounts are less than BF3. Once
    the full game comes out and we get to use the high RPM weapons we’ll see
    for sure if the recoil has been increased or not. Honestly I don’t think
    the weapons have less recoil but that’s just my take on them.

  12. I only play recon with a 4x scope when I unlock it. I hate snipers on
    current gen using 12x because they are meaningless to the game. I’ll be
    playing a lot of domination because it’s fast paced on the ps3

  13. The emblem design is on battlelog and I know it works for PC but I’m not
    sure if it does with consoles.

  14. Bolt action rifles are garbage on console. The weapons kill so much faster
    but the bolt action rifles are straight up garbage. DICE sucks at making
    console games.

  15. Good vid, but I think you might want to edit in a ending song to your vids,
    it would be a nice thing to add

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