1. Hey it was not that bad even in bf3 bf4 is a good game even if you are not using a high end PC or a next gen console

  2. Battlefield is the most awesome fps out there.compare the two of them and you’ll see the difference.
     How you Play It
    Battlefield:Tanks,Jet Skis,Fighter Jets are all controllable,which is awesome!
    CoD:Guns,Guns and lots of guns.only guns n’ soldiers only?

  3. Name 5 differences between any CoD game and CoD Ghost… yeah not much new huh… series is crap cause theres no innovation

  4. Nice video! I make gaming commentary videos too, mainly of a game called 7 Days To Die (which is like Minecraft mixed with Dayz), but also other games. Right now I’m covering all of the BF4 maps on PC and my plan is to have done all of them in a couple of days, so keep sure to check out my channel if that interests you! All videos that I put out now are in 1080p btw!

  5. Hey there Ryan.

    Well for one you are right, COD has always had more players. But it has been reported that Battlefield 3 successfully took 62.8% of MW3’s market share. So you may not have more players anymore, we will have to see. I love both games. Both fun, great FPS’s.
    Battlefield = Teamwork paced gameplay, COD = Fast, “on the go” style gameplay. But, IGN even said BF4 blows COD Ghosts into the grave.

    Plus if you love your Ghosts so much, why are you here starting shit with others?

  6. Really? I thought Battlefield was here first 😉 I’m surprised for a COD fan, you’re here in a battlefield 4 video :) Jealous of the game? Go play your recycled junk “ghosts” and do yourself a favour, go fuck yourself 🙂

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