1. And what have you contributed to the Battlefield 4 Beta community?
    Oh…wait, I just answered my own question! >,<

  2. lol mods hurrhurr lolol directx overrides are obviously made specifically
    from game to game hurrhurr lolol hotkeys are so hard to make in visual
    basic lol mods already lolololol beta lolol

  3. What’s wrong with modding? All he’s doing is editing the client and not
    doing anything like CoD WaW. You gain nothing from it other then being able
    to see your fps and how well your computer is handling the game.. as for
    his life he provably does stuff like it for a living…

  4. SweetFX isn’t a mod. It’s a DirectX wrapper that improves on the graphics
    already available in game by manipulating aspects such as shaders,
    lighting, textures, anti-aliasing etc. It’s compatible with a whole slew of
    games (e.g. Guild Wars 2, Skyrim, , and provides zero-benefit past being
    eye candy. Think of it like this: Console graphics = A banana. PC graphics
    = Banana split with ice-cream and chocolate syrup. Sweet FX = Cherry.

  5. Ahh, it’s amusing when console kiddies assume that a mod must be an unfair
    advantage. No offense intended towards all console players, just towards
    the console fanboys 🙂

  6. Listen u fuckin Xbox people u don’t understand shit doesn’t mean you need
    to say this sucks he is making the vid for people are care

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