1. The pilots who complain about stingers always crack me up. They never agree
    to my proposal that I’ll stop shooting stingers at them if they’ll stop
    shooting at infantry on the ground.

  2. thats why you can prevent that to happen. If you want the Tower to stay you
    just need to prevent the enemies to blow it up.

  3. well, the normal Nadenlauncher can destroy tanks. Need like 5-8 shots
    depending in what angle you hit it but it is possible. But the airburst
    wont be very effective ,yes. Specially if you got anti-explosive perks.

  4. Designating with recon kit makes the RPG so much more effective than the
    stinger Luetin. There is no missle away notification for the pilot and its
    usually a 1 shot kill. (The RPG can lock on now)

  5. Agreed. A skilled chopper pilot will dodge the stingers well. I have seen
    it happen and its happened to me.

  6. Plus the stingers only do like 20 damage, 20 something f**king damage. 4 to
    5 shots to kill it, not counting the flared off stingers.

  7. Flares (still) break igla locks as well (no matter how long they keep the
    target in the crosshairs), if you flare it it won’t do s++t. Nothing is
    imbalanced about the stinger or igla.

  8. I don’t agree its a anti noob sniper killer,,, those sniper that just stay
    up high all game long plus XM wont harm armor that much

  9. Lutin remember when dice asked you to submit a level design and u had a
    level with a dam and as the level progressed the dam exploded.. guess what
    its it BF4 ps I love yer channel and all of yer content … thumb up so he
    could see

  10. Well , on the PS 3 beta, the Scout Helicopter seems to regenerate health
    insanely fast. As a matter in fact, its nearly impossible to kill with a
    Stinger. Even if you hit him the first time, the follow up shot will still
    not kill because the Scout Heli is allready at full health by that time
    which is weird. The RPG Lockon stuff works well in the beta but whos to say
    that many recons actually are gonna use it when the full game releases and
    more gadgets are available.

  11. My guess is that most recons will still walk around with their Beacons and
    Tuggs or maybe Claymores nowadays.

  12. yesterday lvlcap also said aswell that he doesn’t believe it will actually
    be in the full game aswell. Further reinstating my comment.

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