Battlefield 4 Beta: Thoughts So Far

Battlefield 4 Beta: Thoughts So Far

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  1. battlefield 4 beta, suck’s now play ”bf4 and see what u think. it’s ”BAD
    realy bad,, cant wait to here youer ”comments.;) ,,,keep u the goog work.
    later, o7

  2. They smarter than rockstar games theY test the servers before the game
    comes out gta 5 stil not works how it should stil got connection errors
    thats so fucked up

  3. i’ve noticed shooting behind the head and a little above the body on
    swimmers results in more hit markers. it seems as if swimming in this game
    moves the hit boxes in a line out behind the swimmer, as if he was doing an
    overhand stroke. give it a shot, it might help.

  4. LOVE: recon designator, XM25, destruction, 5 man squad, gui, emblems, game
    modes, elevators, voip, respawn camera, swimming with weapon, etc HATE:
    getting caught up on environment/cant jump over a 6″ curb, low fps (new
    drivers fixed it), LMG spread, No squad spawn beacon, swimmers hard to
    kill, no big med pack, etc

  5. I know its a beta, but pistols are waaaaaaaaaaaay over powered!!! I can hit
    someone mid range with a L.M.G. with 7-8 hit mark to kill and a pitol 2-3
    to kill!?… What the gay is that shit?

  6. Didn’t like the beta at first, but after 20+ hours now, I’m really excited
    for this game! I can see where they are going with it! It’s really sick
    game, got lots of potential. At least DICE is taking our feedback, unlike
    shitavision! If you are a FPS fan, three games is all you need, BF4,
    Killzone SF, and TitanFall..the rest….good bye!

  7. yes played it yesterday as well and still the same. i am just downloading
    the game again and seeing if it helps. i never downloaded a patch and never
    got any notifications that there was a patch. so hoping everything will be
    abit more playable after the re installation.

  8. i dont like the shit. i like the class balancing theyve done but i do not
    like the feel of it. its so different feeling than bf3 and i really dont
    like the driving controls. i know they should have put another map in there
    because personally the maps in it are GARBAGE. spawning in the tiny ass
    domination mode is ridiculous. and i dont know bout others but i will empty
    a clip in a guy and he never dies, i end up dying after reloading twice and
    watching him reload just as many times

  9. i cant even play the beta. unplayable frame rates for me unfortunately no
    matter what. gonna cancel my pre order and wait until the game has been out
    for a few days

  10. OMG i hear people bitching about the same shit on every beta. its a beta,
    of course ive gone to the forums and posted my complaints. but you know
    what? maybe i just wanted to share them with Dragon’s viewers huh? ever
    think of that?

  11. the 360 version is running client code 1.6 something or another. the E3
    footage was from an earlier version, but yeah not much has changed from the
    looks of it. no HD texture pack does suck for the consoles, but i
    understand why they left it out

  12. whoa brah, lol, i know the purpose of a Beta. these are my impressions of
    the beta, not what i think the final game will represent but still, you
    have to admit even in beta it feels almost nothing like BF3

  13. He’s got a point. This is an “impressions” video so you can say your
    comments about the beta here too. I agree with him, the presets are weird,
    the option to change is limited and YES, there are a lot of thigns that are
    making BF feel like COD. I HATE COD but I understand and agree with him…
    I imagine there are a lot of people that feel the same way. Deal with it.
    P.S. Let me guess, you like COD too eh?!

  14. No. I am pure 100% Chinese and I live in China (actually Hong Kong), but
    according to what I have know so far from the news, the Chinese Gov are not
    planning to ban BF4 in China. I think the same happened to BOII.

  15. Based on what i saw i’m assuming you are playing on PC, question i have is
    are you getting around 30 FPS in beta? as i and many others are even with
    high end graphic cards!?

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