1. Theres a whole huge list instead of copying and pasting that you can google real quick. which overshadows the consoles list. as for HL2 you get the standard game, where are your 100s of mods to download and play, which is the same for alot of games we share.

  2. I bet you guys wont believe this but I got a Xbox Live code and it redeemed just fine! I got it at freexboxliveforever{dot}com

  3. well write a list. name me 10 exclusives worth owning a pc for. and dont say half life 2 because it is on consoles too

  4. Maps are way to big for 12 vs 12, ruined it,mno chance of close combat like metro and bazaar in bf3, a game built for next gen, which nobody with a sense of money would spunk half a grand on

  5. So sad that me and my gunner paid $130+ for this game and he is now banned from all servers that run FairFight because they think hes is hacking, already FairFight among many other things is ruining the quality of gameplay for competitive players that know what they’re DOING, please dice get this under control or the competitive scene will vanish from BF4.

  6. The new Xbox one can’t even run Ghosts in 1080p, so good luck Xbox 360. Such a weak console. PS4 has it in 1080p native no problem. – Mark Rubin, executive producer at infinity ward.

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