Battlefield 4 | NEW CAMO (How to Unlock Firestarter Camo in Second Assault DLC)

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Battlefield 4 | NEW CAMO (How to Unlock Firestarter Camo in Second Assault DLC)was extracted from


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  1. Damnit! I was looking forward to getting that for my gun, that sucks! It
    looked awesome from the graphic.

  2. The easiest way is using the repair tool and just burning some grass on
    caspian or something. 

  3. You didnt show where to start the fire on any map. You showed some random
    lob of a grenade. Thanks for nothing. 

  4. Shiiiiiiiii I was all pumped about it till the end of the video…..that
    would have been a good camo 

  5. Lol man I though they were weapons camo too I was all looking for it hahaha
    ye big let down 

  6. It isnt that hard, easiest way is to choose the engineer class and use the
    Repair Tool.
    You can burn Oil and Dry Grass.

  7. Honestly, no one gives a single fuck what DOESN’T work… cut the vid with
    2 minutes and stop wasting our time.

  8. Thanks! I saw this camo in the trailer, I knew it wasn’t noticeable but it
    still is a good thing to have!

  9. Why did I have to sit through 3 minutes of video when you could have
    literally just said to throw a incendiary into the oil patch? This video
    could have been 10 seconds long.

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