1. It is better then cod……..cod…..i really have to thing to cod but in
    the end i know which i can turst

  2. guys im from europe and i was wondering when does it launch and whether
    shoul i buy it. i already have bf3 premium edition

  3. Its fun to se the diffrence between , PS version and ps3 version.
    Textures,lightning,everything is so much better on PC, will look alot
    better on PS4/Xbox One

  4. so im not a harcore fps dude, im into fighting games. i used to play
    nothing but COD when it came to fps. i finally quit cod on black ops 2
    because im tired of all the extra map pack crap i have to buy, and i hate
    it when they just add old maps and make you buy them. im done with cod, and
    im giving my money to battlefield now because it actually looks awesome.
    also, getting a ps4 at this point is kind of over rated, i can afford one
    but im not getting one till the first gen issues are dealt with

  5. yeh… thats the thing, makes me so frustrated.. but paying for a while new
    console isnt worth it, unless you are spoiled and get what you point at.

  6. BF4 doesn’t really look worth getting.. Please correct me if I’m wrong. But
    BF3 is good enough, and it looks too much like BF3 to be worth it

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