1. Anti tank mines on a camper? brah wheres the nade? wheres the blow torch?
    wheres the defib? wheres the trollage?

  2. Yet you get on youtube to watch trolling video’s? If you manage to get
    trolled while playing a game online then I feel sorry for you as it only
    happens to the dimmest of people.

  3. Yep YouTube is saturated with these faggot trolling videos…what a bunch
    of no life faggots…wow look how cool u are…plz kill yourselves all u
    faggot trollers…send me that video…I’d watch that again and again…and
    that’s why I don’t play online games anymore…the retarded selfish trolls

  4. oh mongolll, i wanna suck that big hard cock…………is that what you
    want to to say bitch!! huh IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT?????!!! i hate my mom.

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