1. So what if Cod Ghosts has fish that are animated and dogs that work as the
    your team. In BF4 you’ll be able to dynamite skyscrapers and ride elevators
    etc. All things that you can’t see in Cod. Think again the functions of
    your games value before you decide to denounce other good games!
    Incidentally if you need to convince yourself just play the beta
    goo.glQhsfF You’ll be humble next time you speak!

  2. Awesome! I was just going to ask in the comments if BF3 Premium members get
    the beta also. It wouldn’t make sense to me if we didn’t because it’s the
    beta for the next in the series of the game we’re playing. Makes more sense
    than getting the BF4 beta for playing a totally different game (MoHW). Just
    my opinion at least!

  3. If you have BF3 premium you will not get invite to the BETA definetly not
    the start anyway, at the moment it is only people who bought moh and people
    who have preorded specially edition on origin.

  4. This info is wrong go to the battlefield site its says premium members get
    the beta and if you pre order the deluxe edition you will get te beta

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