1. So basically this is just to piss people off, there is no other value or higher purpose to this. I blame EA for this, not the hacker.

  2. Go fuck yourselves cheaters… Why do you play at all? There's no fun in this… This is just to ruin the game for others…!!! Get a life !!!

  3. EA should be watching this. The player count for this game is diminishing with frustration as we speak with ever cheater.

  4. Fuckin faggot , u suck in game and u suck in life bud , thats why u cheat and ruin everyone fun , take cancer and die u shit fuck

  5. Wow! So much fun… How fragile does your ego have to be to cheat in a multiplayer game? Thanks for ruining the game, fuckface.

  6. Okay das ist jetzt echt schon scheiße dass muss doch noch nicht sein … weil , es macht echt den Spielspaß kaputt^^

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