Battlerite Basics: Who Should I Focus?


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Picking a target to focus is important. But in Battlerite, who you focus at any time is incredibly dynamic. You don’t normally focus anyone for longer than a few seconds at a time. We dive into who you should focus, when and why.





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  1. I just wanna say, greate video! I am downloading the game right now and figured i should watch some youtube while i w8. Ive played competetive in all my games and u make some really good points for new players to these types of games!

  2. honestly the only support i find worth focusing is lucie because she's quite easy to go in for with a whole team, but for other supports i prefer to go for their damage dealers and deal more damage than they can heal for and you're good.

  3. Hello friend, I'm from Brazil and wanna help you to translate your videos to PTBR, can I speak with you in an another way?

  4. Actually, focusing a healer in these type of games are generally correct. Not always, but most of the time. This is because you (again, generally) kill a healer faster than a DPS. Not only that, but you relieve alot more pressure on your team by CCing their DPS over their healer. This is the basic concept and reason as to why the healer if focused. You make a good point in the description, Battlerite is sometimes very different 😀 Crowd control > Healing > Damage

  5. Should make a video on cooldown awareness. The correct play at 2:00 was to chase the blossom over the wall and hit her for free 3v1 while her space was on cooldown (9 second cd). What would likely happen is, the enemy team would either let her die in favor of orb control or be forced used to use abilities to reposition to rescue her since the enemy team comp doesn't have a Taya Tornado, Poloma Otherside, or Throns R, etc.

    If the team comps were different then yea, your line of play would be likely correct.

  6. Love your vids! Maybe do one over common terminology (ex: peel) I feel like new players may not know what these things mean. Good stuff!!

  7. Too many people play br as other games. Focusing too much makes it easier for your rivals. Great video.

  8. But when Lets say Craok jumps on my Ranged , if i went on their ranged too . its gonna be a race .
    and if i fall back to peel for my ranged . their ranged will be free to do dmg on us .
    and if we didn't kill the Craok fast enough their ranged might kill us .

    So Mmmm ? a newbie question i know but it's kinda confusing me sometime what to do .

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