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  1. Sorry sir you have history way twisted. First there was dota and nothing else for YEARSSSS!!!!! So correction Dota and dota alone lead to everything you see including but no limited too LoL.

  2. Terrific video. Literally only one comment (cuz I've heard it twice now), Pearl ult only visually looks like Fizz ult. Mechanically, it's completely different (shares 1 similarly, and 5 dissimilarities I can immediately think of). Great video! Great game! Super excited^0^!

  3. I'm not normally a big MOBA player, but this looks like a nice twist on the style. I'm very interested to try it out.

  4. It seems like you are as exited as me for this game. We could play together Skylent… 😀 Your right when you say the game is mechanics focused and unique, thats what it aims for. For those who like the pure PvP thi is the perfect game

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