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  1. Honestly, for the sake of Battlerite, this is trailer trash. It highlighted the worst parts of battlerite. I didn't know the graphics of the game was that bad until I saw those closeup shots of those ults, and those one spell plays are hardly what this game is about – I mean each character has eight spells. I've even read comments on Reddit of people thinking this was a mobile game, ridiculous! And lastly, nothing about character customization? If you really want to know what this game is about, go check out BattleManly's youtube channel from the top comment here, or check out Topplerite's highlight channel.

  2. This game has reached a threshold of greatness where the positive feedback from fans looks like spambots because of how unanimous they are in loving this gosh darn game. (And I'm one of them. It's great. Try it. It's like if old-school WOW pvp had a baby with a fast-paced fighting game, and it put on a MOBA outfit.)

  3. When I first began playing this game in early access I used to play a lot of LoL so battlerite was the next best thing. Slow mos after every kill, no creeps to farm no items, it's an easily accessible all in fighting kinda game. I remember hyping hard like most of the guys in the YouTube comments right here but trust me the hype dies real fast, the game gets really dry after a while because of its lack of depth and due to the fact that knowledge doesn't contribute to winning, only talented reflexes or 100 hours plus of practice pays you and even so you might get crushed hard by meta team comps. Also, all the heroes are kinda similar in mechanics so the heroes who have the best mechanics keep dominating the meta.

  4. Never knew this game exist until it went on f2p list in steam……now I have 20 hours played in three days….thank for the new addiction

  5. if I wouldn't know this game, I wouldn't be hyped over this trailer …
    but I know it so it was pure hype lul

  6. hey how to fix this shitt i spend your game and it crashes! spend more like 1000 dollars -_- please fix these!!

  7. it's impossible to counter-pick against your opponent, there is no perfect team comp. Can you please make a selection menu pre-game where we each pick our champs, we can see who they pick as well, we can build better teams and make the combat more balanced. Team 1 picks the first champ, team 2 picks the next two, and team 1 picks two, then team 2 pick the last champ. I think that might work, it doesn't have to be like that specifically but some implementation of counter picking would be amazing. Thank you.

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