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Here’s exactly what you’d think it’d be. You can download it through Steam’s new controller config thing. Things I forgot to say that are not immediately obvious from the video:

Cancel-casting is enabled (click the left analog stick). Ex’s are available with the left and right bumpers. You can self-cast your RMB by pressing your right analog trigger all the way, or RMB on your cursor by just pulling it lightly. Toggle chat and on-screen keyboard with start.

How do I do this??
To use this config:
-Enable steam big picture mode (the controller icon in the top right of your steam window)
-Click Settings (gear icon, top right)
-Click Controller Settings
-Check Xbox Configuration Support
-Unplug/Plug in your controller
-Add it in the UI
-Browse your games, click on Battlerite
-Manage Game
-Controller Config
-Browse Configs
-Pick the very best one
-Edit as you like
-Sit back on your couch, relax, and ruin the game for everyone else

If I queue up for ranked and I get a teammate using this I’m going to seppuku


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  1. i tried this game with a mouse and keyboard and its terrible and to see you using two control sticks to play makes it also look terrible.

  2. It only show that you got it working for the game but is still not shown that how to setup a gampad for the particular game. Is nice in shown you selected a Xbox one gamepad.

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