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  1. i Hope Battlerite administration is reading – GIVE US PERMITION TO DELATE DEFAULT or PERMAMENTLY CHANGE LOADOUT!!!

  2. my game have a problem in window of loading,when i opened the game it came out while loading the game,the game just closed

  3. after 1 year "release" and over 200 hours of played time, i gotta say im disappointed the game is progressing, very very slow content updates and they seem to not want to balance the champions, solo queue is a joke, all about luck, if u get the right comp or not. 2s also a joke, only meta champs win, 3v3 is awesome although the company doesn't seem to care much about 3s

  4. Hey guys, I'm currently playing wow only for the arena pvp. Is this game worth quiting wow over and why? Please no biased I hate wow comments, just tell me what the gameplay is like and if it's somewhat balanced and complex. That's what got me sucked into wow arena to begin with. But with the pruning every expansion as of lately it feels so stale and boring to play now.

  5. I love this game and my favourite characters are;Jade, Lucie, Iva, Croak and Jumong. Have fun in game 🙂

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