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Battlerite Royale – Available September 26
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Battlerite’s lauded gameplay returns in Battlerite Royale! Experience the battle royale thrill from above in this top-down, skillshot-based action game. Select one of several Champions, each with unique abilities and playstyles, and leap into the fray from the back of a mysterious flying creature. Loot for items, prepare for battle, and fight to survive as the Death Vortex closes in. Will you rise above the competition?

Music: Aleksandria Migova

Video editing: Topplerite


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  1. Боже щас бы всё переделывать в ебаный батлрояль, да кому эта хуета нужна с уменьшением карты и файтом на убывание, ещё и в стиле недодоты, где твоя победа зависит не от тебя а от долбоёбов которых тебе закинуло рандомом Гейба

  2. Personally I don't mind the 20$ price tag. You made a great game and I like to support it. I did the same for HoN.
    HoN ended up dying because it had a price tag.

  3. Damn this Game is fun.
    I never really tried Battlerite in the Arena Variant although I liked Bloodline Champions back in the day, but BRR is quite amazing.

  4. Dont understand why we have to pay this mode when we bought the alpha of the game…… Im disapointed and sad

  5. Boring as fuck. I truely HOPE you go bankrupt at this point. Monkeys devs bandwagoning while letting an AMAZING game (battlerite) dying on the sideroad….

  6. The damage has already been done. I am disappointed in you guys. You let the game rot away for this shitty game mode. You guys had so much potential..

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